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At Results Based Nutrition in Bunbury we are passionate about seeing people achieve their health and body goals in a healthy and sustainable way. This is why we offer a “No Fad Diets’ Scientific Approach that is Customised to each client. 

Knowledge of the how and why is what makes a change sustainable, so we are big on explaining everything that is implemented so you understand. 

Our meal plans are set to fit every lifestyle including parents, FIFO, shift work, singles, dietary restrictions etc. Each client chooses their own foods to go into their plans so there’s no generic ‘chicken, broccoli and rice’ here – unless you ask for it!

Whatever your goal is, we can help you get on track with the nutrition plan that will get you there.

What We specialise in

Nutrition For better health

The correct nutrition keeps our bodies working and prevents Fatigue, Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease and more so you can live your best life.

Nutrition for fat loss

Fuel your body with the right foods at the right time to imporve your metabolism and start burning fat so you can look your best!

Sports Nutrition

Nutrition is what we fuel our bodies with. Put the right amount in at the right ratios to perform your best.

Bodybuilding nutrition

Composition changes are 80% to do with nutrition. When coached right you can drop body fat and build muscle simultaneously so you can hit your goals quicker.

Have You Tried Everything When It Comes to your Nutrition and Nothing Has Worked?

Do you know where your metabolic rate sits? Or have you used a generic basal metabolic calculator (BRM) spits out! These, BMR Calculators give the ‘Average’ metabolism rate of a particular sex, age, weight and height plus an hour range of exercise…

If your metabolism is slower or faster than this then no wonder you haven’t had success yet! We conduct an extensive health and lifestyle assessment during our first consultation which gives us a far  more accurate estimate of where YOUR metabolism sits. Medications, Medical History, Genetics, Ethnicity, Lifestyle Habits and how, when and what exercise you do are all assessed to customise everything to you and your body.

Secondly we don’t do ‘diets’. We give the body everything it needs in the minimum amount first and only then do we tweak the remaining to get the desired outcome.

Image of nutritionist in Bunbury

So who do you listen to for nutrition advice?

There is so much information available these days that it has almost become too hard to decipher the truth around what to eat. Everybody has an opinion on what will / won’t work or the latest ‘fad diet’.

So who do you listen to? 

A Personal Trainer? PT’s are given one module of education on the Australian Dietary Guidelines and are shown how to use the food pyramid to guide clients to eat better. They ARE NOT qualified to give specific diet plans, nor do they have the knowledge to understand medications, and medical history and how the physiology of the digestive and endocrine systems work unless they have done additional studies.

A Nutritionist? Did you know anyone can call themselves a Nutritionist in Australia as it is an unregulated industry? Sure, you can find a registered Nutritionist but again, the education needed to do so is minimal, and this can make their approach somewhat unpredictable. Hair follicle tests? Tonics? Food Restrictions? Is that all really necessary?

A Dietician? While dieticians are university trained, they are focused on the nutrients the body needs to sustain life in a medical sense. This does not mean they can tell you exactly what foods to eat and when to give you the specific result you are after…

Surely A GP/Dr? No doctor I know has the time to go through your food, medical history, lifestyle, training regime, what you like and don’t like to eat, and what to eat to get you to your specific goal… without an op or medication…

Why Choose Us As Your Nutritionist?

As a Clinical Nurse with a Bachelor of Science and additional studies in the area of nutrition we have a sound scientific understanding of the body’s systems and how nutrition can play a role in shaping our health and body’s function and composition.

We have the knowledge of medical conditions, medications and how and why these can impact metabolism.

We have the time to listen to your concerns, needs and goals while having the knowledge to relate that to why or what’s been happening or how/what to do to help.

We don’t get caught up in the latest fads but instead focus on incorporating simple nutrition in a way that is sustainable and oriented towards your goal.

Passionate is an understatement! We live and breathe nutrition and body composition so there’s nothing we haven’t seen/heard and can’t help with.

What will you get as a client of Results Based Nutrition?

  • A custom meal plan tailored to your specific needs
  • Support, understanding and an individual approach
  • Understanding of how your body works in relation to what you eat
  • Reduced stress and time spent on wondering what foods to eat or cook
  • Maximise results with training, exercise, sports and the gym
  • Improved metabolism.
  • A sustainable and lifelong solution
  • Look more toned and better your body composition for more self confidence
  • Controlled hunger and cravings
  • More stable and increased energy and mood
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved gut and bowel function
  • Good balance between healthy eating and lifestyle

We currently are not accepting any new clients. 

Book in a FREE 15 Minute Nutrition Discovery Call

We know how much false nutrition information, fad diets and generic meal plans are out there offered by other “Professionals” that’s why we want to offer you a FREE 15 minute phone consultation so you can see the difference in what we do and how it works. 

This is a great opportunity to speak with us so that you can feel confident in the services we offer and see that you’re not wasting money or time on another generic program that doesn’t work.

Client Reviews

Success Stories from Our Satisfied Clients
Lachlan BrownLachlan Brown
05:32 09 Jan 23
Amazing service by Michelle and the team. I was provided with a very thorough explanation about how to improve my nutrition and helpful plans that will assist me well into the future
James CharlesonJames Charleson
09:48 16 Oct 22
Couldn't rate more whole-heartedly, I feel I've spent years exercising hard but staying at the same frustrating body composition, with Michelle I have made steady, sustainable, measurible progress. I recommend Michelle to everyone trying to lose weight.
Ella ValoisElla Valois
04:26 10 Oct 22
I really appreciate Michelle’s wisdom and experience. She is so knowledgeable and reassuring that the lifestyle changes we needed to make were manageable and achievable and has ensured that our meal plans are realistic for our lifestyle. I would highly recommend her service
Olivia HillOlivia Hill
00:54 18 Sep 22
Michelle has got to be one of the most important people in my life at the moment. Michelle not only works with you but she shows you and lead you all the way. Her support she shows is outstanding and is always encouraging no matter what I do. Michelle will always make a tailor-made meal plan that fits in with my lifestyle. I’m still able to enjoy the simple things in life and also enjoy a easy to follow meal plan. I am beyond thankful for everything Michelle has taught me. Michelle is easy to talk to and understanding of your needs and your wants when creating a meal plan for you. Michelle takes the time to understand your lifestyle along with your goals and how long you want to achieve them. Thank you so much Michelle!!
Ashley GilbertAshley Gilbert
10:11 25 Aug 22
Michelle has so much knowledge on nutrition and health, from the moment you walk in you are made to feel at home and comfortable. She explains things in a way that you enables you to understand and is highly motivated. Trust the process and anything is possible!! Thanks for all your help in my personal transformation Michelle ☺️☺️
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Full in-person nutrition consults

Full nutrition consult


90 mins
Service Includes

Skinfolds and

Body Composition Analysis

Comprehensive Health,

Medical, Lifestyle

and Training Assessment

Nutrition and

Lifestyle Education

1 Customised Meal Plan

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Package Includes

1 x Full Nutrition Consult

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6 week body and lifestyle transformation package


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1 x Full Nutrition Consult

6 x Check-Ins

Extensive Tracking Journal – 

Food, Activity, Body Function and

Composition Changes, 

Mindset and Goal Tracking

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We currently are not accepting any new consultations. 

quick Check-In


30 mins
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Body Composition Analysis

Calorie & Macro Adjustments

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45 mins
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Body Composition Analysis

Meal Plan and

Lifestyle Adjustments

Goal Setting and Review

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Personalised meal plans created from questionnaire

Experience a truly personalized approach to wellness with our comprehensive assessment, tailored exclusively to you. Our in-depth questionnaire spans over 30 critical points—ranging from basic demographics like age, height, and weight to your unique lifestyle factors such as occupation, daily activities, and genetic background. We delve into your health history, considering any medical conditions and medications, to ensure a plan that’s safe and effective. Your aspirations are our priority; we align with your objectives, taste preferences, dietary restrictions, and even your habits with coffee and alcohol. Understanding your current nutritional patterns, stress and anxiety management, and supplementation routine allows us to craft a custom-fit strategy that seamlessly integrates into your life. 

meal plan
from online questionnaire


Package Includes

Fully Personalised Meal Plan

Created from an Online


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Package Includes

Check-in using an

Online Questionnaire

Meal Plan Adjustments

Calorie and Macro Adjustments

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